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International premium rate numbers can be used from Companies and Individuals which working with media industry and paid call centers services such as lawyers and doctors consulting. Many countries in the world do not have domestic premium rate numbers and solutions that are useful for this type of activities. That is where international premium rate numbers are used.
We do not charge any fee to sign up. So please sign up and register in our website as soon as possible to get our best rate and exclusive termination.
After you registered with us, you will get your own account, inside your account you will find Test Number Page, from this page you can start to test our numbers. Also if you would like to request numbers you can do it by yourself from your account. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff for further information.
After you complete your profile info, billing information and upload your documents, we will verify you then you can start requesting numbers and sending traffic.
Sure. A lot of our clients primarily use our services and other companies, but after working with us for few weeks, we find that trust is established and clients then prefer dealing with us.
All you need to do is follow the steps below:
1. Enter your account.
2. Go to ‘Request Numbers’ from the menu.
3. Request the number you require. 

Our system automatically assigns you a premium number, find them in “Number Manager” in your account.

Sometimes there is no free numbers for specific range of premium numbers. If that happens when you request some numbers, you should try later or contact our sales team to assist you.
No, the various Premium Rate Numbers offer varied access list per each country. You can try calling the test numbers first to make sure it’s working with your operators, you may find these out.In order to this, login to your control panel and go to Test Numbers from the menu.Our terminations come with updated access lists that we provide to you. Get in touch with us and our Sales team will find the best solutions for your business model.


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